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Laurence Bradford

I create stuff on the internet.

Skills include, but not limited to: product management, user research, and technical writing.

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A few things I'm proud of...

Learn to Code With Me

Established on April 27, 2014

Learn to Code With Me is a blog I created for those teaching themselves how to code. I discuss not only what to learn, but also *where* and *how* to learn it.

The numbers (as of Sept 2015):

  • Unique site visitors - 85,000+/month (on average) (and it's always growing!)
  • Pageviews - 120,000+/month (on average)
  • 38,200+ email subscribers (and counting)
  • 80+ blog posts (and counting)
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Tech Careers Expert at

Since March 2015

I cover tech job news, trends and resources. Responsible for writing 8+ articles a month.

The numbers (as of Sept 2015):

  • Unique site visitors - 80,000+/month (on average)
  • Pageviews - 180,000+/month (on average)
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Portfolio Dojo

Launching in September 2015

This online course covers what to say on your portfolio site, how to say it, and the most effective ways to build your portfolio site. Learn how to create an undeniable portfolio online that'll help you get the jobs you want.

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Newbie Coder Warehouse

Since May-ish 2015

A Facebook group for self-taught coders, where resources can be shared and questions asked. While anyone can join the group, there is a heavy emphasis on web development. At the time of writing (September 2015), there are 400+ members and counting. If you're learning to code, or thinking about it, you should join :) (All the cool kids are doing it.)

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Nice words

"Laurence Bradford is hands-down the premier coding consultant, mentor, and instructor for the adults of her generation."
- Todd Squitieri

"You are the patron saint of code."
- Brian Jenney


Sometimes I take on select consulting projects. Here's what I specialize in:

  • website content strategy
  • getting more visitors to your website
  • creating a better user experience so visitors stay on your site
  • and other kinds of web-based consulting
I only work with clients in tech. With a heavy preference for those in the online education space.

If you think we could be a good fit, email me at with project details.

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